Mystery Inspirations

NEW RELEASE – Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries Book 9 – Double Double Royal Trouble!

🍗🛡️🔎 IT’S FAIRE TIME AGAIN! The next Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries is headed your way. Huzzah! 🛡️ Double Double Royal Trouble 🔎⚔️ 🔎 When a treat-peddling witch is found dead, will this cursed faire crumble? Coriander the Conjurer is queen of the fairy realm, and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her…

NEW RELEASE – Bestselling Paranormal Cozy Halloween Anthology!

A harvest moon. A hidden clue. What’s an amateur sleuth to do? Witches, psychics, and supernatural sidekicks. 16 magical mysteries await! Solve cryptic cases, unravel celestial clues, and investigate lunar legends in this exciting collection of paranormal cozy mystery short stories from your favorite witchy authors. If you’re looking for page-turning mysteries to keep

NEW RELEASE – Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries Book 2 – All Swell That Ends Spell!

A dubious festival. A fatal swim. Can this fortune-telling fairy herald the true killer? Coriander the Conjurer is trapped in a cursed Renaissance Faire, but that’s the good news. Her usual routine of reading patrons’ futures and compensating for her lopsided fairy wings is interrupted when a scuffle turns deadly. Now, in order to

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