More ways to enjoy ALL of Trixie Silvertale’s mysteries!

Here’s a useful checklist to help you track which of Trixie Silvertale’s many mysteries you’ve read and which ones you still need to solve! I’ve upload page one, two, and three separately, so just print/download the one(s) you need.

The entire Mitzy Moon Mysteries series (all 21 books + 2 novellas) are listed.

The new series, Harper and Moon Investigations, starring Mitzy Moon and Erick Harper is included.

Trixie’s Magical Renaissance Faire Mysteries are also listed. These cases feature a different main character – Coriander, a fortune-telling fairy.

Plus, the Mysteries of Moonlight Manor, featuring Sydney Coleman and a cast of unruly ghosts, also made the list!

*You can print the checklist pages out or right-click/Ctrl-click to download them to your desktop.

Page 1, 2 and 3 of the 2023 Checklist